Wind farms might be killing many more bats than we realize

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Even though Ontario avian mortality rates have skyrocketed for both bats and birds in recent years. Even though wind turbines kill birds and bats Barn Swallow a threatened species is one of the top 15 birds found killed by wind turbines.

Even though three of the bat species killed by wind turbines are listed as endangered. More than endangered Little Brown bats killed by wind turbines in Ontario. Even though the BSC chart shows that the recorded numbers are plenty lower than what the wind turbines kill is in reality. The mortality estimates presented here potentially underestimate true mortality as they are based solely on carcasses that fell within 50 m of the turbine base.

It is expected that a certain proportion of birds and bats will fall outside of this radius, and there are several different approaches to quantifying this correction factor as can be inferred based on extrapolation of Figures 1 and 2.

Picture these numbers in your head:. After all there are penalties that the Endangered Species Act imposes, up to a million dollars, times however many they killed:. In fact there is NO penalty for a wind developer. Because they have a special Wind Turbine Exemption in the Act! They basically have to write a few more reports on how they tried to stop killing the endangered species and they are free to go.

What a tight little club they all belong to. Which is the only thing the media published. Too long and it goes over the head of the media — but short, snappy good title it might get press. Wind industry is the serial killers that just keep on going, perhaps one day an light may come on when billions of birds and bats are killed and people may ask why was this allowed to go on for so long.

But how many years will that take? I mean what product do you know that carries such an ongoing long list of bad issues and labelled so great for us. Why is not the Province of Ontario doing the same thing? The issues you have mentioned have been looked into and information about these issues has been posted here. Cross border factors are also present. Political decisions are being made in Ontario without considering the factual information about these issues.

The MSM is compliant with wind turbines kill birds and bats is taking place with some exceptions. The same is true in the U. Two factors that skew their statistics are the radius that they use to do the count and the timing of the count. They only collect carcasses in a 50m radius. BSC says that the numbers would be On top of this they only collect some months of the year. Um, that might really skew the numbers. Oh and they only collected carcasses under 18 of the 38 turbines weekly, the rest on a monthly basis for 6 months.

So basically they picked which turbines they wanted to collect under like not the one near the bat roost, or not the ones near the eagle nest… you get the picture. These number in the BSC report are bad enough, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. In Huron County, there was a site where hundreds of brown bats returned to each year.

The site had to be renovated so they diligently took the care to build appropriate housing on the same site for them and they had it ready on time, but no brown bats returned.

Could this be why? There is a part of this study that specifically tracks the percentage of carcasses that are removed by scavengers at each site. We are fighting turbines. Has anyone found any recent data to show how many little brown myotis have been killed in the past year by turbines? And in the three previous elections, the percentage was only slightly smaller. So, tell me something, all you folks who voted consistently for all things green — like solar panels and wind turbines……any regrets?

Sitting in England here reading this in horror. These companies wind turbines kill birds and bats criminal and all the idiot greenies who support them need to take a good look at themselves. Good article which I will share.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Average of bats killed by just one Ontario wind turbine: Amount supposedly allowed by MNRF per wind turbine: Ya the snappy title might be good like Murder not allowed serial killers excluded Wind industry is the serial killers that just keep on going, perhaps one day an light may come on when billions of birds and bats are killed and people may ask why was wind turbines kill birds and bats allowed to wind turbines kill birds and bats on for so long.

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD. At least some of wind turbines kill birds and bats Quebec issues that affect Canada have come to light and posted. The forces behind the present government are vital issues. Yes, this information needs to go viral. Am Wind turbines kill birds and bats correct about this?

True, and Alberta has been under deliberate attack for quite some time. GWEC Scroll down to: However, if we lose a few ducks in a tailings pond……. We have to save the Earth, you know. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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