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The Foreign Business Act B. There is no general prohibition against foreigners carrying on business in Thailand. There are, however, specific restrictions contain in various legislation. The most wide-ranging of these is the FBA. There are other restrictions on foreign ownership contained in specific acts regulating specific businesses, such as banking, insurance, telecommunication, etc. The purpose of this note is to provide a brief overview of the FBA.

It does not contain a full analysis of the law, nor does it constitute an opinion of Norton Rose on the points of law discussed. You must seek specific legal advice on any particular matter that concerns you. The restricted businesses are listed in annex 1, 2 and 3 of the FBA. Foreigners can engage in the businesses listed in Annex 2 with a licence from the Minister of Commerce and approval from the Cabinet.

A company engaging in a business set out in Annex 2, in addition to obtaining an appropriate licence, must be at least 40 per cent Thai owned and two-fifths of its directors must be Thai nationals. Wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai timetable, the minimum 40 per cent Thai ownership may be reduced to 25 per cent with the specific approval of the Minister and the Cabinet. Foreigners can engage in the businesses listed in Annex 3 with a licence from the Director General of the Commercial Registration Department of the Ministry of Commerce Director General and approval from the Foreign Business Committee.

For the purposes of calculating the aggregate foreign ownership in a company, any shares held under bearer certificates will be deemed to be held by foreigners. If a foreigner qualifies for one of the exemptions above, it is required to obtain a certificate from the Director General.

In addition, the courts may order cessation of the business or termination of the shareholding or partnership which is in violation of the FBA. Businesses concerning national safety and security or which have an impact on arts, culture, customs, local handicrafts or natural resources and the environment.

Retail businesses trading all types wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai timetable products, with a total minimum capital of less than Baht , or a minimum capital for each establishment of less than Baht 20, Wholesale businesses trading all types of products, with a total minimum capital of less than Baht , per establishment. Use of cookies by Norton Rose Fulbright.

We use cookies to deliver our online services. Details and instructions on how to disable those cookies are set out at nortonrosefulbright. By continuing to use this website you agree to our use of our cookies unless you have disabled them. Online services, resources, and tools Technical resources Stay connected. Foreigners cannot engage in the businesses listed in Annex 1. Please see the attached Schedule for a list of the restricted businesses. The most common form of juristic person in Thailand is a company.

Foreign-owned companies which have obtained promotional privileges from the Board of Investment or the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand can engage in businesses listed in Annex 2 or 3 without a licence under FBA. Nationals of the relevant signatory countries to bilateral treaties with Thailand are accorded the same status as Thais under the FBA in respect of wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai timetable restricted businesses.

As at the date of this publication Thailand has signed relevant bilateral treaties, with the US, Japan and Australia. Under a separate treaty, nationals of ASEAN countries are also accorded the same status as Thais in respect of a listed number of restricted businesses relating to mining and agriculture. For example, approval may be granted to in respect of a government-sponsored wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai timetable project. Annex 1 Businesses Foreigners cannot engage in for special reasons Newspaper publishing, radio or television broadcasting Rice farming, arable farming or orchard farming Rearing livestock Forestry and the processing of wood from forests naturally grown Fishery, only in relation to marine life in Thai waters and the specific economic zone Extraction of Thai medicinal herbs Trading and auctioning of Thai antiques or antiques which are of wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai timetable value to the country Manufacture or casting of Buddha images and alms bowls Trade in real property Annex 2 Businesses concerning national safety and security or which have an wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai timetable on arts, culture, customs, local handicrafts or natural resources and the environment Businesses concerning national safety and security 1.

Manufacture, distribution and maintenance of: Domestic transportation by land, water or air, including aviation businesses Businesses which have an impact on art, culture, customs, local handicrafts Trading of old objects or artefacts which are Thai works of art or handicrafts Manufacture of wood carvings Breeding silkworms, manufacture of Thai silk thread, Thai silk weaving or printing Manufacture of Thai musical instruments Manufacture of products from gold, silver, niello, bronze or lacquer Manufacture of crockery or porcelain relating to Thai art and culture Businesses which have an impact on natural resources or the environment Production of cane sugar Salt farming, including the production of efflorescent salt Production of rock salt Mining, including stone quarrying and crushing Wood processing for the manufacture of household furnishings and utensils Annex 3 Businesses in which Thais are not yet prepared for competition with Foreigners 1.

Rice milling and wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai timetable manufacture of flour from rice and field crops 2. Fishery, only in relation to the cultivation of marine life 3. Manufacture of plywood, wood veneer, chip-board or hard-board 5. Manufacture of lime 6. Brokerage or agency Businesses, except: Domestic trade in indigenous agricultural products which are not prohibited by law Retail businesses trading all wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai timetable of products, with a total minimum capital of less than Baht , or a minimum capital for each establishment of less than Baht 20, Wholesale businesses trading all types of products, with a total wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai timetable capital of less than Baht , per establishment Hotels, except hotel management services Sale of food and beverages Cultivation, reproduction and improvement of plant species Other service businesses except those prescribed in Ministerial Regulations.

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The Chalhoub Group has been the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East since As an expert in retail, distribution and marketing services based in Dubai, the Group has become a major player in the beauty, fashion and gift sectors regionally. By blending its Middle East expertise and intimate knowledge of luxury, the Chalhoub Group is building brands in the region, by offering service excellence to all its partners and a unique experience to its customers through its passionate teams.

With a growing workforce of more than 12, people, implemented in 14 countries, and a network of over retail stores, the Group's success is attributed to its most valued asset: Professionalism and passion are what fuels the Chalhoub Group's competitive edge in today's market. By demonstrating commitment to sustainable business, the Chalhoub Group was awarded in , for the third consecutive year, the CSR Label from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and has been accepted as a new member of the United Nations Global Compact Community.

Experience in the region and inherent market knowledge paralleled by a unique corporate culture that harbours values of trust and respect, has led the Group to become a reference for luxury in the Middle East. Mission Our passionate teams build brands in the Middle East. By blending our Middle East expertise and intimate knowledge of luxury, we offer service excellence to all our partners and a unique experience to all our customers.

Values are what bind us as a Group. They are the inherent beliefs that have guided us since our inception and continue to serve as the cornerstone of our business practices and principles. The Group cultivates the core values of Respect, Excellence and Entrepreneurial Spirit which are reflected in every aspect of our business and with each of our stakeholders — clients, suppliers, partners, customers and employees.

This moral is the cornerstone of the Chalhoub philosophy. We create trust through tolerance, courtesy and appreciation for the people we interact with. Fairness, integrity and humility. We believe that integrity is paramount to the success and longevity of the Group. Through transparency, honest communication and mutual respect, we are committed to upholding ethical standards that distinguish not only the quality of our work but also that of our actions.

Long standing relationships with our brands, our clients and our employees, loyalty and its reciprocity are what distinguish us from others. We live and work to a code of standards that enables us to surpass the common norm with commitment, efficiency as we seek to be a role model. That is, a commitment to our consumers by promising them the finest selection of international luxury brands, to our partners by responding with speed and efficiency whilst holding true to uncompromising standards of quality and to our people by making them our priority.

Continuous self-assessment allows us to embrace new ideas, build creative strategies and adopt technological evolution, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of change. Leadership, Ingenuity, Team Spirit. It continues to be at the heart of our success and future growth. With a strength of six decades in luxury across the Middle East, the Chalhoub Group is a leading player in the world of beauty, fashion and gifts. Over the years, it has acquired intimate knowledge of each country of the Middle East, deep understanding of its consumers, and unparalleled expertise in distribution channels and retail networks.

The Group is dedicated to the three main sectors of personal luxury: The Chalhoub Group is a leading distributor and retailer of perfumes and cosmetics. Its market share is consolidated and its territory enlarged through:.

With a focus on developing and promoting exclusive networks for its prestige brands, the Chalhoub Group ensures the ultimate exposure of its fashion brands through:. Gift giving is at the heart of the Middle Eastern culture. It is also where the Chalhoub family began its journey into the world of luxury with the representation of delicate objects, exceptional jewels or refined accessories.

Rigorous analysis of competitive landscape, sector performance and industry trends enables the Chalhoub Group to closely monitor market dynamics feeding into tailor-made strategies. Quantitative and qualitative consumer research has allowed the Group to build deep understanding of the ever evolving consumers of the region, from nationals, tourists to expatriates.

Insights and perspectives into consumer behaviour and attitudes provide the Group with the essential tools for growth in the region. Over the past six decades, the Chalhoub Group succeeded in building brands in the region, from developing not yet established brands to market leaders, or further strengthening the positioning of well-known brands in strategic markets. Aware of market requirements, the Group ensures maximum visibility and presence of its brands through tailor-made marketing online and offline, visual merchandising, buying and forecasting in both retail and distribution.

In the past six decades, the Group has created a strong presence in the different markets, created powerful collaborations, while offering unparalleled services and unique knowledge and expertise in the region.

This has led the Chalhoub Group to be the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East. True to its commitment to respect, excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, the Chalhoub Group recruits and develops highly qualified professionals, with a passion for brands and a thirst for excellence and initiative.

The Group has strengthened its operations in the countries of the Middle East and India by opening offices to allow for a strong local presence. The regional management allows partner brands to have one point of contact to reach out to all the markets of the Middle East.

Integral to trust is relationship building which the Chalhoub Group embodies through its long-term partnerships with brands, retailers and malls. This allows the Group to have a leading position in strategic negotiations, market entry and business opportunities. The Chalhoub Group's dedicated retail architecture and design hub creates luxurious retail environments, adapting the styles and personality of each brand to the region. This is achieved by continuously sharing pertinent intelligence, developing our highly qualified resources and ensuring best-in-class and competitive in-house back-office services.

The Group offers agile and cost effective logistics support to all our partner brands, exemplified by a 73, square meter state-of-the-art ISO certified storage and handling facilities across 14 locations throughout the region. These facilities are backed by latest system technologies enabling accurate inventory control and the provision of comprehensive management information.

Our partner brands can benefit from our human resources services such as recruitment through specialized recruiters within different functions; compensation and benefit with surveys and advice on market trends; always ensuring compliance with local labour law. Accounting resources are offered with consistent structures in each market, centralisation of key activities in addition to optimised processes and internal controls. Our IT department offers a state of the art infrastructure with centralised support and ITIL processes ensuring best in class business systems, supporting our partners through industry best standards and efficient delivery system.

The Chalhoub Group has become a major player in the beauty, fashion and gift sectors regionally, committed to building successful brands in the Middle East, offering a unique experience to its customers and excellence to its partners through its activities of retail, distribution and communication. The management of over , square meter of retail space and long-term partnerships with developers provide the Group unique perspectives on mall developments and the ability to negotiate the best locations for its partner brands.

The Chalhoub Group has created six multi-brand concepts, unique in their own way, designed to fill a gap in the market with choice, width and depth. Tanagra is the preferred destination for style-savvy globalists to find the quintessence of elegance, curated by experts with a finger on the luxury pulse. The Tanagra concept fuses the past, the present and the future, offering an inspiring, refined and edited array of lifestyle gifts and art de vivre under one roof.

Since opening its doors in , it has evolved into an impressive network of 9 flagship stores spanning Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This iconic district, spanning 96, square feet, is recognized as a global fashion destination, with a curated space divided into 40 designer boutiques and four multi-brand areas: It caters to the dreams and aspirations of the local customers, in addition to those visiting Yas island.

Level Kids is a complete universe for mother and child, a storytelling sensorial retail journey that is enchanting, playful, whimsical and a destination for children and all the family. The Chalhoub Group facilitates market access via its distribution companies as well as strategic alliances with international groups operating across beauty, fashion and gifts sectors.

The Chalhoub Group looks at the region as one entity offering its partners access to all markets through its regional and local hubs. The regional coverage occasionally extends beyond the Middle East region to cover the Indian Sub-continent and Africa as well as some Mediterranean countries. With over 40 years in the travel retail distribution business, the Chalhoub Group also acts as a leading supplier to local airlines and duty free stores. The Joint Venture with Havas S.

Incorporating media, digital, creative, marketing, advertising and PR all under one roof, it shows a continued dedication to providing clients a total communications offering through seamless and organic integration. Clients which currently take advantage of this offering include Coty and Woojoh. Servicing clients through a portfolio of specialist teams that span media planning, strategy, trading, international management, digital, mobile, social media, content, experiential, entertainment and sport, their simplified and integrated structure with digital at its core allows for one of the most integrated, agile and responsive media teams in the industry.

Havas Worldwide is committed to being the most future-focused ideas agency by being more agile, more collaborative, and more digitally innovative.

Their deep understanding of the regional context and the business, coupled with a focus on proactive strategy and creativity, regional insight and excellent media relationships add up to a winning formula, ensuring their clients receive a strong return on investment.

Havas specialists tailor seamless local and regional solutions, leveraging all necessary PR pillars to address any client requirement and business objective: As the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East, the Chalhoub Group believes that its responsibility is to be a role model, to give back to the community and to be part of the engaged organisations that are building a sustainable future.

We therefore also encourage and motivate our team members to be engaged both on professional and personal levels in order to protect future generations. This is why we have created Chalhoub IMPACT, the sustainable engagement strategy for the Chalhoub Group, which aims to engage its teams and partners to enhance its social and environmental performance.

It is split into 3 pillars:. Our dedication to sustainable engagement is rooted in our Group values and it is these that have nurtured our environmental and social responsibility. We have adopted education as a key channel to facilitate the development process believing that it is the first and foundational step in understanding how to address social and environmental challenges of today in the region. The Chalhoub Group is the first luxury group amongst the members in the region to become a member of the United Nations Global Compact in By becoming a member, we have joined the ranks of international, socially responsible businesses who are striving to forge the way for responsible business.

Through this membership, we commit to aligning our operations and strategies with the ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. In order to fulfill our commitment to our membership to the United Nations Global Compact, we annually release a Sustainability Report. This report covers our holistic approach to sustainability including how we conduct our business, our impact on the economies we work in, environmental stewardship, our people and quality in our operations, as well as our sustainable performance.

We have released two sustainability reports, one entitled "Nurturing Engagement" and a second one entitled "Sustainability Through Group Culture". By being committed to implementing sustainable practices into their business, the Chalhoub Group was awarded in , for the third consecutive year, the CSR Label from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. For us, engagement is the key to a sustainable future and we encourage all our stakeholders to join us on this journey.

The Chalhoub Group launched a partnership with Khalifa Fund, an entity of the Abu Dhabi government to support local entrepreneurs through training and mentorship offered by the Group. Other initiatives include the development of a professorship in luxury brand management with the American University of Sharjah AUS and supporting Syrian students with limited means in a devastated country with scholarships in the United Kingdom.

In , the Group has opened the Chalhoub Learning centre in Bekaa Lebanon in conjunction with Jusoor, a non-profit, non-political and secular organisation that offers education services to Syrians. The centre offers basic mathematics and English lessons to help refugee children join the formal learning system. The Chalhoub Group offers a growing scholarship programme with an outreach of 17 students annually. The Chalhoub Group strives to reduce its carbon footprint and educate employees on regional environmental issues.

In addition, the main warehouse has been ISO certified since The Group has introduced an environmental policy and energy efficiency campaign to ensure environmental responsibility is a part of the Group processes and policies.

The checklist also covers daily store operations in which store managers oversee daily green practices related to waste management and energy saving. On an educational level, each year our employees participate in a range of activities to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote stewardship. The Chalhoub Group takes action as global citizens to better the livelihood of those in need. The campaign is run in over stores and requires the training and commitment of over retail employees.

Annually daffodil pins sales are increased and all sales are doubled by the Group as an appreciation for the support demonstrated by customers visiting Chalhoub Group stores. In addition to this campaign, the Chalhoub Group is quick to react to global disasters by facilitating and matching collections made by colleagues across the region.

It's been a big week for the Chalhoub Group, culminating in the announcement of a new partnership with e-commerce giant Farfetch.