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The premise of this game is simple: You have the choice to attack and loot ships like a pirate or simply trade among ports held by the superpowers of the time: England, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

The Danish are there as well. From there, you simply sail around trading from port to port. If you feel like attacking other ships, you can do that. There are some side adventures that pop up every now and then, you can take on jobs from the market which are mostly trade missions that net decent money, but the best way to pirates and traders gold review money is through piracy or regular trading when a port is low on resources. While there is a free versionthe Gold!

There could be a little more to do in the game to make you more involved with ongoing conflicts since things will get repetitious after awhile and the music is gets annoying quickly, but the game is true to its inspiration. Starting with Kabir News inJames has focused on tech, gaming, and entertainment.

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