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The delta-hedging tag has no usage guidance. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Tagged Questions info newest frequent votes active unanswered. Learn moreā€¦ Top users Synonyms. Interpertation of delta hedge error in Black Scholes I have spent some time to proof the delta hedge error as described in this paper paper page by Davis. Sanjay 1 Deriving Delta Hedge error in the B-S setup part 2 In this paper paper page by Davis and this gamma of a digital option trading strategies pro derivation of the hedging error in a black scholes setup, the derivation of the delta hedging error in the Black Scholes model is discussed.

What does the second derivative of the call with respect to Price of the I have computed the value proces to be following: Calculon 2 9. What really is Gamma scalping? How gamma of a digital option trading strategies pro Gamma scalping really work? It seems there is no true profit scalped. Hans 8 Floating Strike Lookback Delta Risk I'm running through some delta hedging simulations of floating strike lookback call options that is, I'm short the options during a volatile downside period for the underlying and some very odd Question about Delta Hedging So in Delta Hedging, we know that the delta value gives us the hedge ratio between the option and the stock.

For example, if we are long 10 shares of stock, and the delta value is 0. Can we 'predict' the delta of a stock?

And we are able to gamma of a digital option trading strategies pro an emergent-based abstraction of that sparrow, which closely approximates the sparrow itself, accounting for migration BCLC 2 I'm a programmer and recent investment enthusiast, and to learn more about option trading I'm building a market making bot. I now have a bot which when used with one type of option contract actually Calculate latest underlying price or optiongiven new option or underlying market price?

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