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Usability free upcoming webinar is rarely one size fits all. Each project has unique needs and those needs must be considered carefully to get actionable insights.

With emerging technologies, there is no longer a need to only conduct "traditional" free upcoming webinar testing. With a little creativity, and the right tools in your belt, the options are endless. In this webinar, you will learn how to evaluate your research goals and come up with an agile plan that gets you the insights you need. Utilizing multiple approaches ensure you'll get the biggest bang for your buck. Sarah brings business free upcoming webinar marketing savvy to the research she takes on and has developed curriculum for practical UX methodologies which she has presented at various conferences and on a UX podcast.

Determining which foundational research method to use is a consistent debate within the UX research community - researchers seem to fall firmly into either the personas or Jobs-to-be-done camp. But why not mix-and-match these approaches? Learn how to push your product strategy forward by speaking to your stakeholders through the right methodologies, building a greater degree of empathy along the way.

Claire Menke is the head of UX Research at Udemy, an online learning marketplace that empowers anyone to teach and learn. At her core, Claire believes in empowering communities of people through research - be that indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon or learners around the world. She holds a BA and an MSc from Stanford University, and in a former life was a field anthropologist studying ecotourism and sustainable development.

She has since established the UX Research function at two education technology start-ups. A lifelong learner, Claire is currently teaching herself how to bake sourdough bread, quilt, and crochet. Inspired by the work of Chris Milk to use VR and Filmmaking to deliver experiences of vulnerable populations on an international scale to UN leaders.

Clorama will share her thoughts on how civic tech can similarly draw from this example to utilize the immersive value of VR to close empathy gaps in free upcoming webinar government. She will go over several example use cases and demonstrate how she has used the filmmaking to better inform free upcoming webinar work and communication with stakeholders when designing user journeys of government services.

She will also highlight some case studies of VR as a simulation tool for decision-makers in public policy. Free upcoming webinar spent her early career in community engagement roles in the Public Sector and realized that technology was free upcoming webinar underutilized to serve the public. For her thesis, she researched VR and its impact on social behavior. She created her first VR app to gamify anti-bias training in the workplace. She then took on various roles in UX in the public and private sector in London, France free upcoming webinar the Bay Area while simultaneously working on freelance projects as VR Developer.

Inshe completed a successful fellowship as the lead UX Research and Design as a Code for America fellow where she free upcoming webinar a open-source website for jobseekers in Municipality of Anchorage, Free upcoming webinar.

And became an Oculus Launch Pad scholarship winner for her submission of an anti-bias training app for classroom education. Skip to main content.

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When you subscribe to Office , you are also able to download the desktop versions for installation on your local computer. Typically, people use the online versions for light work or for use on mobile devices, and then use the desktop versions for more in-depth work. In this webinar, we cover the following Navigation in the ribbons and task panes Demonstrations of the online versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint Demonstrations of the desktop versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Have you ever attempted to collaborate with colleagues using Microsoft Word and track changes? Dealing with inserted and deleted text has been difficult, at best, in the past. Working in collaboration with more than one person has also been difficult. In this free webinar we demonstrate how to use track changes effectively and efficiently while using JAWS.

This means you can now use several different keystrokes to accomplish different tasks with Twitter while JAWS is running. Join us for a demonstration of Google documents and worksheets. Using Google Drive to create and open documents and sheets Opening existing documents and sheets Sharing documents and sheets Working in collaboration on documents and sheets Applying different styles and fonts in documents And more. Be among the first to hear the details about the new features of JAWS Learn how JAWS 17 extends our scripting functionality to enable you to create scripts that only load when a particular web site is being accessed, so you can customize a web page or application to your specific needs.

The lesson includes how to use the Voice Adjustment dialog box to create voice profiles for different activities, including settings for different languages, synthesizers, and punctuation levels, along with the more well-known settings for speech rate and pitch.

Topics include navigation for the ribbons and task panes; differences from earlier versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. We show you how to navigate and use the basics of Windows 10 in this webinar, including a discussion of the return of the Start menu, finding all programs, searching for programs and settings, accessibility concerns, and more. We also look at how braille works with Google Docs, keyboard commands, and more. Topics in this lesson include searching for items, managing a shopping cart, and purchasing items in the cart.

We also explore the features of Amazon. We also explore the features of Target. Joining us is a member of the Target accessibility team as we discuss Target's commitment to an accessible online shopping experience. It includes several powerful tools that help make you more productive and efficient, whether your'e at home, school, or work. This is an overview of how the training room and Freedom Scientific webinars work.

It includes instruction on how to get JAWS help for the training room, and how to use the JAWS list of headings, links, and navigation quick keys in the browser window. If there is an updated book available, FSReader automatically notifies you to download and install it.

Learn how to maximize your FSReader 3 experience in this webinar. Using the JAWS BrailleIn feature, not only can you read contracted braille output from your computer, but you can use the Perkins-style braille keyboard on the braille display to enter text in contracted braille.

You can also fully control your computer right from the braille display. It is a local rather than a web-based email application that is powerful yet easy-to-use. We take a quick tour of Thunderbird, including set-up and basic functions, in this webinar. The Frame Viewer is a powerful tool, but many people are not familiar with what it is and how it can be used.

For years, braille users have had a mode where the braille display would show the exact information spoken by the speech synthesizer. You can also pan the braille display back to review the last 50 spoken items. In this webinar you will learn to use the Word navigation pane for search results, headings, and more. MathML is a language for including mathematical content on Web pages, enabling browsers to present math equations and formulas as they would appear on paper.

JAWS provides spoken, natural language descriptions of MathML expressions, using the same terms a teacher would use to explain them in a classroom.

There is a written, visual language of math, described by MathML. However, there is also a spoken language used when people discuss math problems. Students will benefit from hearing JAWS describe mathematical expressions as their teachers and peers do. Topics include transferring settings from Internet Explorer to Firefox, browsing web pages, working with bookmarks, enabling sounds, and downloading files.

Many people are afraid of switching over to Windows 8. It is actually a very good program to use, and very easy to use with the keyboard and screen readers. We show you how to navigate and use the basics in this webinar, including a discussion of the Start screen, finding all programs, searching for programs and settings, accessing the Charms bar, shutdown options, Internet Explorer app vs. File Explorer has changed again with Windows 8.

This webinar shows the new layout, and demonstrates how to use tab order in the File Explorer window and in the Ribbons, how to navigate, how to use the View settings, and how to create a folder and move files. Learn how to use JAWS with LinkedIn, including how to create and edit your account, how to use the inbox, and how to set placemarkers, search, and hide advertisement frames. Topics include differences between Facebook and Facebook mobile sites, plus how to navigate, post a status update, comment on a post, and use your email program to respond to Facebook posts.

Flexible Web enables you to take more control of Web pages by allowing you to quickly find the content you are looking for, as well as hide content that interrupts the reading experience.

This webinar demonstrates how to start and customize Flexible Web, and how to create rules for different scenarios. Topics include navigation for the ribbons and task panes, KeyTips, the Quick Access Toolbar, contextual tabs, dialog launches, and differences between what is presented on the ribbon for Word, Excel, and Outlook. Learn how to use the Developer Tab in Word, how to create different types of form controls, fill out forms, and use Bookmarks in Word to make it easier to navigate forms.

The webinar will cover using the Define Name feature in Excel, using the bookmark feature in Word, setting up repeating header rows in Word, and how to use JAWS table layer keystrokes to navigate tables in many programs and environments.

The webinar includes instructions for how to use the News, Sports, and Weather apps, plus how to use the Windows App Store. Learn how to use the Speech and Sounds Manager in JAWS, including the functionality of the built-in schemes, plus how to create, save, and use a custom scheme. This webinar shows how to use TypeAbility. It explores different types of lessons, including keyboarding, games, dictation, and academic quizzes.

It also includes an overview of the Teacher's Mode, how to create your own lessons, and how to use the progress reports. Topics include system requirements, upgrading, performance and standards, plus using the Desktop version in Windows 8 and using the spellcheck feature.

We will also cover keyboard shortcuts to make the Internet Explorer experience more efficient. Topics include using the Start screen, searching for programs and settings, accessing the Charms bar, shutdown options, and changes in Internet Explorer with Windows 8. Learn how to interact with these controls using JAWS, learn about regions and how they can help make navigation easier, and learn about the JAWS virtual buffer and forms mode.

Learn how to use Windows Live Mail in this webinar. Learn how to navigate the Inbox, open and read messages, including attachments, and create new messages. Learn about the Dictionary Manager feature in JAWS, including changing the phonetic pronunciation of a word and changing the language in which a word is spoken.

Learn how to use the Focus Blue Braille displays with an Apple iDevice, including pairing the Braille display with your device, using help mode, and shortcut key references. In this series of Webinars we take a look at several of the new features in MAGic Topics include how locating the Documents folder, opening directly to a folder, the context menu, and working with ZIP files.

Learn how to use JAWS to examine documents for text formatting. We will also discuss safety and other considerations during sessions. Antivirus programs often display information that cannot be easily read aloud. This webinar provides tips for reading information in antivirus programs, including using the JAWS cursor and virtualizing the window. The webinar also includes information about Microsoft Security Essentials and several antivirus tools, including Avast!

Learn how to prepare for the JAWS Certification Exam, including how the exam works, what resources are available, and what to study. There is a live demonstration and practice included. Learn about using JAWS with Internet Explorer 9, including system requirements, changes from previous versions, the Download Manager, the Notification Bar, and new and changed keystrokes from previous versions. This webinar discusses how to better understand computer security and better protect yourself against malicious activity.

Topics include opening Explorer, creating and moving files and folders, rearranging the list view, and how to create a desktop shortcut to open a specific folder. Topics include navigating the Start menu, changing Start menu and Taskbar properties, using the Control Panel, maximizing windows, accessing the volume controls, and uninstalling programs.

Part Two discusses installing books on your computer, using the SD card to copy and store books, and tips for navigating the books. This series of two webinars discusses using the Focus 40 Blue Braille Display.

Topics for this webinar include the physical layout and design, connecting the display to your computer, reading text, moving the cursor, using the navigation row and cursor routing buttons, and changing basic Braille options. Topics include what Research It is and how to use it, how to start Research It, and how to change the primary look-up source.

Topics include how to work with data files and contact lists, how to connect blank documents to data files, and how to create a form letter with merge fields. Learn how to navigate difficult web pages using JAWS, including pages that refresh automatically, work with improperly tagged images, and develop strategies to quickly find what you are looking for on a web page.

We will also discuss using the JAWS cursor to find and click items where keyboard accessibility is minimal or lacking altogether. This webinar demonstrates how to use settings in the PAC Mate Omni accessible Pocket PC, including the layout of the Settings dialog box, changing verbosity settings, modifying sounds and notifications, changing Braille display options, and changing JAWS voice options.

Learn how to leverage the Freedom Scientific website for your needs, including how to use the navigation bars, change page color options for low vision users, use the website search features, access the online store, explore the Training Headquarters, and get online technical support information.

This two-part series introduces OpenBook, the scanning and reading program. Topics include how to open and edit documents, how to acquire or scan single or multi-page documents, create and modify workflows, and change settings. Topics include how to create, save, and open documents using FSEdit, how to use the dictionary and spell checker, how to mark text for highlighting, and how to change the document formatting. This series of three webinars teacher the basics of scripting for JAWS.

Keyboard Manager What Are Scripts? Skip to main content. Please check back soon. What it is and how do I prepare for it? Careers Contact Us About.