Maltesers go Fairtrade

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Our consumer choices here in Manitoba have an impact on people around the world. Using fair trade products is one concrete way that we can make connections with global South. And of course both individuals and groups can participate in the Fair Trade Challenge beginning October 31st.

But there are infinite possibilities when it comes to learning fair trade products and where they come from and promoting fair trade. This program was made possible with financial support of the Government of Manitoba, and was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada GAC. About Us News Events Videos. What Can You Do? What Can An Individual Do? Purchase Fair Trade products, whether food, clothing, handicrafts, furniture or other items.

Support merchants and organizations who sell fair trade - let them know that you approve and buy other products they sell, as well. Learn about fair trade issues and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to also support fair trade.

Through Letters to the Editor, personal visits and so on, let your local media and elected representatives know about fair trade, where FT products are available, and what fair trade-related events are coming up. Get politicians to put fair trade on their agendas. This might mean fundraising, or helping Southern groups get access to our markets, or just sharing their story with your community to increase support for fair trade.

Show your love for family and friends by showing your love for people and the planet! What Can Your Group Fair trade products and where they come from Faith Community - your congregation could serve fair trade coffee and tea at all of its functions and on an everyday basis. Bring a speaker in to talk with your congregation about fair trade at a worship service or special event. School - your staff room and cafeteria could serve fair trade coffee and tea, as well as make fair trade products, including sports equipment, available at school events.

Bring a speaker in to your school to talk about fair trade at an assembly or in appropriate classrooms. Contact us to learn more: Make your next conference, fair, or event, a Fair Trade Event by submitting an application to fairtrade mcic. This may be as fair trade products and where they come from as requesting fair trade from your current suppliers Keurig cups come in fair trade too! Add fair trade to the agenda of a staff meeting to explain the background to the issue.

Have your group hold an event aimed at media coverage to introduce the topic of fair trade products and where they come from trade and let local people know what it is and where they can purchase fair trade products.

The media loves new ideas: Community - pull together a committee of neighbours, colleagues and friends from around your community school, church, council, credit union, etc. You can have your community recognized nationally as a Fair Trade Town by meeting several not too difficult criteria - see more at www.

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