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The Excel destination loads data into worksheets or ranges in Microsoft Microsoft Excel workbooks. The Excel destination provides three different data access modes for loading data: Eine Tabelle oder Sicht. A table or view. Eine in einer Variablen angegebene Tabelle oder Sicht. A table or view specified in a variable.

The results of an SQL statement. Bei der Abfrage kann es sich um eine parametrisierte Abfrage handeln. The query can be a parameterized query. In Excel, a worksheet or range is the equivalent of a table or view. Many existing Microsoft Microsoft Knowledge Base articles document the behavior of this provider and driver, and although these articles are not specific to Integration Services Integration Services or its predecessor Data Transformation Services, you may want to know about certain behaviors that can lead to unexpected results.

The following behaviors of the Jet provider that is included with the Excel driver can lead to unexpected results when saving data to an Excel destination. When the Excel driver saves text data values to an Excel destination, the driver precedes the text in each cell with the single quote character ' to ensure that the saved values will be interpreted as text values.

Wenn Sie andere Anwendungen verwenden bzw. If you have or develop other applications that read or process the saved data, you may need to include special handling for the single quote character that precedes each text value. For information on how to avoid including the single quote, see this blog post, Single quote is appended to all strings when data is transformed to excel when using Excel destination data flow component in SSIS package , on msdn.

Speichern von Memodaten ntext Saving memo ntext da ta. Zum erfolgreichen Speichern von Zeichenfolgen mit mehr als Zeichen in einer Excel-Spalte muss der Treiber den Datentyp der Zielspalte als memo und nicht als string erkennen.

Before you can successfully save strings longer than characters to an Excel column, the driver must recognize the data type of the destination column as memo and not string. If the destination table already contains rows of data, then the first few rows that are sampled by the driver must contain at least one instance of a value longer than characters in the memo column. Der Excel-Treiber erkennt nur einen begrenzten Satz von Datentypen.

The Excel driver recognizes only a limited set of data types. Data type and length conversions. Integration Services Integration Services werden Datentypen nicht implizit konvertiert.

As a result, you may need to use the Derived Column or Data Conversion transformations to convert Excel data explicitly before loading it into a non-Excel destination, or to convert non-Excel data before loading it into an Excel destination. In this case, it may be useful to create the initial package by using the Import and Export Wizard, which configures the necessary conversions for you.

Some examples of the conversions that may be required include the following: Conversion between Unicode Excel string columns and non-Unicode string columns with specific codepages. Conversion between character Excel string columns and string columns of different lengths. Konvertierung zwischen numerischen Excel-Spalten mit doppelter Genauigkeit und numerischen Spalten anderer Typen.

Conversion between double-precision Excel numeric columns and numeric columns of other types. Dieser Verbindungs-Manager gibt die zu verwendende Arbeitsmappendatei an. The Excel destination uses an Excel connection manager to connect to a data source, and the connection manager specifies the workbook file to use. For more information, see Excel Connection Manager. The Excel destination has one regular input and one error output.

The Advanced Editor dialog box reflects all the properties that can be set programmatically. For more information about the properties that you can set in the Advanced Editor dialog box or programmatically, click one of the following topics: Common Properties Common Properties.

Blogeintrag Excel in Integration Services, Part 1 of 3: Connections and Components auf dougbert. Connections and Components , on dougbert.

Blogeintrag Excel in Integration Services, Part 2 of 3: Tables and Data Types auf dougbert. Blog entry, Excel in Integration Services, Part 2 of 3: Tables and Data Types , on dougbert. Blogeintrag Excel in Integration Services, Part 3 of 3: Issues and Alternatives auf dougbert.

Blog entry, Excel in Integration Services, Part 3 of 3: Issues and Alternatives , on dougbert. Use the Connection Manager page of the Excel Destination Editor dialog box to specify data source information, and to preview the results. The Excel destination loads data into a worksheet or a named range in a Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel workbook. In addition, certain Fast Load options are available only in the Advanced Editor.

For more information on these properties, see the Excel Destination section of Excel Custom Properties. Select an existing Excel connection manager from the list, or create a new connection by clicking New. Create a new connection manager by using the Excel Connection Manager dialog box. Specify the method for selecting data from the source. Select the excel destination from the drop-down list.

Wenn die Liste leer ist, klicken Sie auf Neu. If the list is empty, click New. Click New to launch the Create Table dialog box. When you click OK , the dialog box creates the excel file that the Excel Connection Manager points to. Preview results by using the Preview Query Results dialog box.

Preview can display up to rows. If the Excel connection manager you selected points to an excel file that does not exist, you will see an error message when you click this button. Select the name of the worksheet or named range from a list of those available in the data source. Select the variable that contains the name of the worksheet or named range. Enter the text of an SQL query, build the query by clicking Build Query , or locate the file that contains the query text by clicking Browse.

Use the Open dialog box to locate the file that contains the text of the SQL query. Verify the syntax of the query text. Use the Mappings page of the Excel Destination Editor dialog box to map input columns to destination columns. View the list of available input columns.

Use a drag-and-drop operation to map available input columns in the table to destination columns. View the list of available destination columns. Use a drag-and-drop operation to map available destination columns in the table to input columns.

View input columns selected from the table above. You can change the mappings by using the list of Available Input Columns. View each available destination column, whether it is mapped or not.

Use the Advanced page of the Excel Destination Editor dialog box to specify options for error handling. View the name of the data source. View the external source columns that you selected in the Connection Manager node of the Excel Source Editor dialog box.

Fehler Error Gibt an, was bei Auftreten eines Fehlers geschehen soll: Specify what should happen when an error occurs: Fehlerbehandlung in Daten Related Topics: Error Handling in Data. Specify what should happen when a truncation occurs: Beschreibung Description Zeigt die Beschreibung des Fehlers an.

View the description of the error. Specify what should happen to all the selected cells when an error or truncation occurs: Apply the error handling option to the selected cells. Tabelle oder Sicht Table or view. Loads data into a worksheet or named range in the Excel data source. Specify the worksheet or range name in a variable. Verwenden von Variablen in Paketen Related information: Use Variables in Packages.

Load data into the Excel destination by using an SQL query.