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I love this guy. He is the artist that got me into dustep. None of the artists below have nothing on him. Skrillex is magnificent in many ways. Soony Moore thank you for your magic. Your music live on forever in dubstep history. Gonna give you a thumbs up. This guy totally deserves the number 1 spot, he is the one who brought me to dubstep. Skrillex is the king of dubstep and always be He's all songs is awesome.! I listened to Bangarang and Scary Monsters and nice sprites and they were mediocre but then I listened to Sick bubblegum and that song was badass.

I will give credit to Skrillex simply because "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" introduced me to the world of dubstep. But the more I explored, searching for bigger and better dubstep, I stumbled upon a website talking about up and coming dubstep producers.

Knife Party das beste forex buch von stephen king on the list, shockingly as number four of five bands, and they recommended Centipede by Knife Party to listen to. Needless to say, that song dramatically blew my mind and they have continued to do so with almost every song they have produced.

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are absolute musical masterminds. They were when they were in Pendulum, they are now in Knife Party, and they will continue to be hopefully for a while longer. Knife Party for life! God, I used to hate dubstep, skrillex was just not good.

I had a friend who is really into dubstep who showed me centipede, and that's where it started. Some of knife party's best tracks in my opinion are Rage Valley, Unison knife party remixbonfire, centipede piledriver feat. Steve aoki, and zoology with skrillex. Needless to say, after you've heard one of knife party's tracks, they are clearly the best out there.

Knife Party's songs are good but not better than Flux pavilion's. Knife Party's songs are too busy so that I feel they scratch das beste forex buch von stephen king brain. But they had a great song that I always listen to it named "Zoology". The most awesome song that I have ever heard of Knife Party But anyway they are good It's obvious that Skrillex is the first but in my opinion Knife Party should have been the third after Skrillex and Pavilion To this day, only Nero has been able to bring out a side to dubstep that has kept me hooked since the first time I heard them.

Almost every single one of their tracks has an emotional and uplifting energy that das beste forex buch von stephen king been replicated by no other. Not always dubstep, but Nero has consistently made quality tracks das beste forex buch von stephen king have such a dark vibe to them.

If I want to das beste forex buch von stephen king to a club, Nero is what I want to hear on the loudspeakers. I remember I first started listening to dubstep because of these songs in the top twenty on my radio, and Skrillex had been the producer of some songs that I found that had nice rhythms and beats. I started to search pandora for Dubstep, Pendulum I liked that band also- check out the island part 2Skrillex, Nero, and a little more.

I believe I had come across Flux through the remix of Gold Dust which is so great and I have loved all his other music ever since then. I say Flux would beat out Skrillex any day. People who voted Skrillex should check out I Can't Stop. His dubstep is great. But the thing is it needs more flavor. The synths he uses are mostly the same. It's a few oscillators and probably a saw and a pulse wave and he makes chords.

I love das beste forex buch von stephen king music though. Flux Pavilion is much better than Skrillex. I'm not a Skrillex hater, I listen to his music, too, but Flux Pavilion's dubstep is awesome. I found out about flux pavilion when I was listioning to skrillex on YouTube so I clicked on bass cannon and I can't stop listioning to him.

Excision mixes songs to perfection. Excision is best in live performance and mostly he doesn't regret about fans of their interest in dubstep music. Most of fans had injured their neck at events. He organized his own das beste forex buch von stephen king festival i. Lost Land Music Festival which brings a lot of top heavy bass hitting dj around the world. He has been producing more albums and remix and collaborating with finest producer and get motivative with producers.

Deadmau5 is the beast. His tracks are great and he just recently signed under the same label as Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta. That proves enough about him. Bassnectar introduced me to the world of Dubstep and it is amazing what you can do with music.

His album Noise vs. Beauty is different from all other albums. Bassnectar is a total different world of music. Bassnectar is like no other. He isn't't just a bunch of random monsters rar rars put together and call it musik.

Bassnectar has a style that no other dj could pull off. Listen to ugly ft Amp Live and you'll know what I'm talking about. Sorry Skrillex, Flux, but Bassnectar deserves the first spot. Then Knife Party, Excision and Tiesto. Where is Tiesto anyway? He is the best Possibly the best dubstep producer of our time mainly because of his creativity, finesse and skill which is not found with most other dubstep artists. And unlike Skrillex, who is recently beginning to struggle to das beste forex buch von stephen king quality dubstep tracks, Zomboy has consistently produced quality dubstep through all of his tracks even up to his most recent work.

He has the amazing ability to combine beauty and heavy drops City 2 City is a good example better than anyone I have ever heard. And above all, his music is just so much fun. Unlike other dubstep artists who's music sounds angry or cold a lot of the time, Zomboy is always a pleasure to listen to. He is truly incredible and deserves at least the number 2 spot. Probably the best dubstep I have ever heard in my life.

Doctor P is a genius. He sees other songs in a way no other person does, just listen to some of his remixes Last Ones Standing, Love Goes Down. Also das beste forex buch von stephen king original stuff is so different from the others and still is awesomer big boss, watch out, sweet shop. Definitely not number 8 should be His remix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is awesome!

It's almost as good as the original! He's electro-house and pop-EDM, nothing close to dubstep. Still, he's one of the best current EDM artists. The man's a genius. My favourite electronic artist by far. The emotions his music evokes are just fantastic. The thing that differentiates Virtual Riot in my opinion is that his music has all the elements that good electronic music should have but they are all so masterfully combined that no song becomes monotonous and each has a distinct melody.

I find dubstep in general to lack such finesse. Virtual riot is a beast. His drops, his melodies, his everything is amazing skrillex is the one who introduced me to dubstep, now virtual riot has kept it going. My opinion virtual riot needs to be up higher on the chart.

Kick ass virtual riot. Virtual Riot has some supernatural attractiveness in every track he makes. Skrillex brought me into Dubstep. Now Virtual Riot is taking over. This guy is sick! Skrillex may be the king of dubstep Feed Me is a musical genius. His songs have changed many things about dubstep, and hopefully her will continue to do so.

I also encourage you to listen to One Click Headshot.

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