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Clear distinctions between the male and female sexes are continually reinforced throughout society, perpetually highlighting differences between the sexes, while any similarities are often disregarded. The significance of such trends has had a substantial impact on societies, polarising the genders and ostracising individuals who do not conform to these gender dichotomies.

While many search for evidence to support the differences between men and women within the body, such differences are actually found within the social tendency to systematise gendered bodies dangerous binaries being different.

Scientific studies that focus upon the biological differences between male and female subjects have come to define the male brain as being more lateralised dangerous binaries specialised, and this has infiltrated popular beliefs regarding the genders, contributing to the tendency to grant a superior status to the male body.

Dangerous binaries have argued that behavioural differences between the sexes stem from their differing brain structures, and thus the stereotypes of empathetic, communicative females and most systematic, logic males have emerged.

This is a dangerous and damaging reality, as it contributes to the continuation a gender binary. It is a bizarre, backwards dangerous binaries unnecessary aspect of our culture to categorise individuals within such rigid binary oppositions, dangerous binaries than celebrating in the gift that is human diversity. Extending on the biological justification of sex differences based in the brain is the pervasive and influential nature of language as a tool to imply gendered variances.

The nature of dangerous binaries within those scientific textbooks that detail the reproductive systems of males and females is a perfect example of this tendency. These are the books that we are given in school, the books that assist in perpetuating damaging conceptualisations of gendered subjects. The distinctions are further embellished through descriptions of menstruation as a wasteful process, whereas the production of sperm is depicted as a successful process.

Ultimately this shows how dangerous binaries has become a tool through which cultural tendencies are reinforced and justified, representing the fundamental dominancy of male bodies within our society. The problem of gender binarism continues to influence conceptions of embodiment. Findings of apparent distinctions between the dangerous binaries behaviours and movements of males and females have been made by academics such as Iris Marion Young. The strict policing of bodies our culture enforces is an absurd and harmful process.

We need to be more progressive, accepting and open to the possibility of moving past the gender binary that currently dictates our lived experience. One cannot dispute the fact that there are numerous differences between the physical composition of the male and female body. However, the differences that are continually reinforced and restated through influential arenas such as scientific discourse and academic research are frequently overemphasised. Dangerous binaries significance of this tendency is that societal values continue to adapt views that exaggerate the differences between the male and female body, which persistently results in the polarisation of any individual who resides outside of these distinct boundaries.

Furthermore, while any similarities dangerous binaries the sexes dangerous binaries to be overlooked and downplayed, the argued differences are predominantly culturally constructed beliefs that are reinforced through societal processes.

In order to overcome the biological and social splits that have emerged between males and females, one must begin to acknowledge the difference between perceived and dangerous binaries conclusions that polarise the sexes, whilst recognising similarities that exist between dangerous binaries male and the female body. It is wrong that women are stereotyped as being illogical and emotionally driven!! So here is an illogical and emotionally driven dangerous binaries to convince you otherwise!!

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