Sherman House

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It is an integrated software solution, which provides capability to handle multiple markets, market segments in a single user interface.

It has a built currency trading brokers in mumbai cablevision scalability spanning a currency trading brokers in mumbai cablevision client installation to multi-client, multi-branch operations connected through Intranet for Client services. It has a easy to use User interface to handle the operations. It can handle multiple Trading Segments, Exchanges and Users. It is calibrated to deliver optimum value for broker offices as well as clients.

The technology combination delivers outstanding performance, scalability and reliability. User-Friendly User Interface has been tailored to provide ease of navigation and maximum user comfort. It provides logical grouping of core back office functions so that workflow is optimized and back office processing becomes a smooth experience.

CLASSTM is geared up for continuous changing procedures and rules, which evolve for the existing instruments as well as for new instruments being introduced. Features Dynamic It presents you with a highly adaptable back office environment for broking firms. Download Class Flyer Place your Request. End of day trades import in specified format Position Matching with exc hange obligations Confirmation to clients Contract generation and bill processing Trade transfers with application of changed brokerages Creating bills with delivery charges, Calculation of Taxes, Posting Settlement Summary into accounts, Posting Net Positions for Delivery Processing Financial Accounting Module - It is responsible for tracking accounts Highlights: Facility to transfer shares from client to client after allocation.

DP instruction statements for both payin and payout of securities in the format required by the Depository Participants Facility to carry out manual and auto inter-settlement transfers. In depth client wise and scrip wise reports for delivery positions Client pay-in, payout, Exchange Pay-in, Exchange Payout shortage reports available. Holding statements for both Pool and Beneficiary DP accounts. Report Module - It can create reports on the fly for user-defined parameters.

The reports allow you to drill down the report till you reach the trade that created the business. Collateral Management Module Add and Edit features for Security Haircut, Fixed Deposit haircut and Bank Guarantee haircut Provision for adding haircuts at a global level, client type level, group level, Party level, scrip level and for a combination of scrip and Party. Features provide for valuation and release of various types of collaterals accepted from clients.

In depth reports available for Available collateral and Collateral Maturing State, which help in efficient collateral management. Email Module Enables the member to email selective reports that are available in the back office module. In built administrator module to maintain security levels and give access to users to who make use of the email module. In depth log report available, which gives the details of the users who have had access to the generation of reports currency trading brokers in mumbai cablevision email and those responsible for sending it.

Net Position Currency trading brokers in mumbai cablevision trades. Derivatives Module - The Derivatives segment demands a special treatment from the back-office software.

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