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Even though these 3 initiatives together are probably commodity broker that trading for youtube the most active on stock market education on the web, we know that a lot more can be done. We plan to invite professional traders, fund managers, analysts, and more. To start off with the initiative, I will be conducting two webinars this month — one on our journey as Zerodha and our plans for the future Wed, Feb 22nd and another one on taxation when trading Wed, March 1st.

We will also be running two quick 30 min interactive demo sessions daily on everything trading Zerodha. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Yes tips can make money It will be better if tips are given for long term investment preferably in small rising companies or in another promising cos. You can use IMPS facility from them to transfer instantly. Yes, we are looking into it. They are credited immediately, but you can withdraw the next day.

Dear Suvojit, Your reply to support request has been received. We will get back to you shortly. But not reply yet. Hello sir I am suvojit I am want to open an account in zerodha just for buying an penny stocks xt. I mail zerodha customer care at Therefore I sand this mail and provide bse listed stocks code and group and name. In live market and reply me then. Can I buy those co in zerodha account. No way to guarantee that these stocks will be allowed to be trade.

If the RMS team believes that blocking these scrips from trading is required, they would commodity broker that trading for youtube blocked. Explained in this blogpost. Thanks for providing low charge trading platform. Education in trading is another good initiative. Hope you also come up with an initiative which would help small-timers like me recover the lakhs we lost trading. Someone to hand hold and guide us, a mentor maybe.

The three links I have shared has all that you need to learn. Mentoring, hmm… let me check with our team. This one is my long time demand. Yes you have lot of Study materials and are very good. And try to read as much as possibleI will put it in this. If Study materiel would have worked i think we need not need Schools and colleges. I will wait for commodity broker that trading for youtube next move on mentoring. Appreciate you taking time to respond to queries.

Hi Zerodha, You make a advance and very simple software of stock market which is anyone use it without technical guidance. Yes, I have checked both the platforms and they are both great. But there is a little problem I am facing with pi, as I am using this the most. Scale on the charts are not even, and by even means one bar Even I meant like 90, 91, 92 and 93 on the scale.

This would be really easy for traders to read. I have used 4 brokers and all use the even charts. And please add this feature of adding moving averages or any study for all in one. So it would be best if we add all these studies all at once in every chart. Will save a lot and time.

Quick order window is the excellent feature I have seen. But if you can add the feature of buy at the bid or sell at the ask in quick order window, that can save spread amount that we lose after getting in the trade.

For suppose a stock traded between 90 and 91 for the entire day then how to scale it, as scaling depends on time-frame used, zoom used and number of historical days selected. One can create a template and save it as default template by doing so it will ensure all charts will open with embedded indicators as in default template.

By definition of Quick order it mean to execute the order quickly at available price, if one want to place a commodity broker that trading for youtube buy order at super speed at bid one can use f1 key with preset commodity broker that trading for youtube for all other columns. I have a query i. It would be really great if you can provide real time Greek info for every option strip in Pi and Kite.

Waiting for the same. Please try to time the webinars after market hours post 5 PM As we are all active traders and want to attend them as well. We will take a feedback from everyone this month and commodity broker that trading for youtube best timing for this from next month onwards.

I believe yet is just start of glorious tomorrow in trading sector. Please conduct Webinars after 5pm which will be commodity broker that trading for youtube to attend, since attending during trading hours will be difficult. Low cost trading is good, in the same way please please think of giving tips also only for Zerodha clients to their Numbers.

Also Pi charting has to improve because it hangs sometimes. Is it possible to get real time charts? Are you using a dongle for internet? Pi is resource hungry, needs good bandwidth for optimum performance. Nitin Sir One of my friend conducts technical commodity broker that trading for youtube.

Can we conduct webinar on price action intraday trading may not discuss any specific strategy in shorter time frames on liquid indices like Nifty, BankNifty, etc. Hello Mr nitinCan u make zerodha Pi more Option friendly? Like Live Option chain with commodity broker that trading for youtube It will be more convenient. Kite account does not indicate the script prices after market hours.

How to analyse the markets and take decision on stocks. Strategies that we need to follow while trading. Using message, i can connect to discussed regarding trades. Dear Nitin Sir, Please update Zerodha Kite web and Mobile application to find out imp upcoming events such as results etc so that traders can make use of it for their trading strategy. This is indeed a great step. People who cant attend the live webinar will be able to see them later.

Thank you for great wok you are doing. Hii nithin sir, Great job by zerodha. Small suggestion from my side. Can you make a shortcut key in pi to change stop loss to cost. It will save time. Does Zerodha publish Metals Inventory and cancelled warrants report daily at their site or at trading platform? Traders can make use of this opportunity to take some informed decisions based on the inventory report. Awaiting your reply please. To be frank, I was using Karvy comtrade before getting into Zerodha, where we used to get these reports daily when LME opens and it was very useful for us to trade in metals.

Now, I am scratching my head for those reports to make my trades. Please add 4 hourly chart. It is required for intraday trading. Currently commodity broker that trading for youtube between hourly and daily chart no break up available. Where I can send my feedback on the kite site i am using. Hi, I have been admiring on the proactive initiatives taken by Zerodha to keep it competitors sweating.

We desperately want Net Option greeks on the positions taken. This is doable and also provided by many brokers like Sharekhan etc. This will help us for follow up actions required whenever the position swings to one side. A small irritation is that my Views in Kite do not work properly. I am not able to create multiple different views, or modify existing views. Hopefully this will get addressed soon. When I purchase an Eq using Bracket Order, and if the quantity gets split into multiple lots, if I have to change the SL, I have to repeat the action for each of the lot.

Is there a way to do it at one go for all the lots? This is a technical challenge. We have been pushing them to find a work around for this. Exchanges are working on a different solution for this. Let us see how it goes.

The key issue is spoting trading opportunites.

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