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Contact the Export Controls Office. Single export broker business export free home resource trades are issued for the permanent export of a fixed quantity of specified items in a single shipment. Temporary export permits are issued for a fixed quantity broker business export free home resource trades specified items temporarily leaving New Zealand with the intention of return to the owner e.

Generally, the export item will be in the care of the owner sales representative, firearm owner etcalthough items may be exported temporarily to a third party e.

Multiple export permits are issued for the export of a fixed quantity of controlled items that will be exported in several shipments over an extended period up to 18 months in duration. Exporters may be required, as a condition of their permit, to provide information to MFAT on the amounts of goods exported under the multiple permit, according to a set six-monthly reporting timetable.

An exporter may apply for a general consent to export specific listed items to a country or countries. For Wassenaar member countries, this gives approval to the exporter to export any volume of the specified products to any end-user in the approved countries over a period of up to 24 months. Normally General consents are only granted for Wassenaar member countries, but applications will be considered for non-Wassenaar countries.

In these cases, each end user must be specified. Wassenaar member countries external link. Every six months exporters must provide information to MFAT on the types and amount of goods exported, and the end-users who have received items under the General consent. In certain cases MFAT may waive the reporting requirement and instead require that records be kept.

The refusal to grant a general consent for a particular country does not indicate that MFAT will not allow exports of a particular item to that country; only that we need to examine each application individually. The exporter can still apply for a single or multiple export permit to a specific end-user. Some exemptions exist for certain items.

Goods that are manufactured in New Zealand will in most cases require an end-user certificate signed by the ultimate end-user. If you are unsure, contact the Export Controls Office. Find out how your application will be assessed.

MFAT is conscious that exporters and importers require quick and clear decisions. Non-routine applications applications where the destination country is potentially problematic may take up to six weeks or longer.

Early contact with MFAT is advised. You can request to amend a current permit. Email the request to us and attach broker business export free home resource trades copy of the permit that you want to be amended. Email the Export Controls Office. A copy of your export permit should be presented to the New Zealand Customs Service or provided to the freight forwarder when the Customs export entry for the goods is lodged. In addition, each permit has a permit number which must be entered into the permit information field on the Customs export entry.

As noted above, for General consents, where exporters are not required to provide six-monthly reports, then they must keep records for each shipment as follows:. The import of foreign technology is often subject to written assurances, usually in the form of end-user certificates, which state that goods will not be transferred, re-exported, sold or otherwise disposed of without the permission of the foreign government.

Obtaining such approval from the foreign government is often a lengthy process. New Zealand government recognition of the import may also be required to be entered on the foreign end-user certificate. New Zealand is obliged to not permit the re-export of foreign goods and technology that are subject to foreign end-user transfer controls, unless:. In addition to end-user certificates, some foreign governments also require the New Zealand importer to obtain an International Import Certificate IIC.

Many end-user certificates require the permission of the originating country for the internal transfer of their goods and technology within New Zealand. Such internal transfers are not a function or responsibility of the Export Controls Office. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that they have the necessary permissions from the country of origin and that the new owner has the transfer documentation.

Broker business export free home resource trades new owner should have a modified or new end-user certificate. Like New Zealand, many countries also control the transit or transhipment of controlled goods through their territory.

Broker business export free home resource trades New Zealand export permit will not guarantee the passage of goods through another country. An export permit could, therefore, be required from the intermediate country through which the transit or transhipment is taking place. Often these take longer to approve than they do in New Zealand. Exporters need to be aware of this, and plan their delivery schedules accordingly.

Questions about export permits and application procedures should be directed to the export controls agencies in the intermediate country. Should you apply for a permit for any of the goods and technologies described in this section, the Export Controls Office will liaise with you concerning any additional requirements you or the New Zealand government will be required to fulfil to enable their transfer.

Some dual-use goods are considered to be more sensitive than others and therefore great care must be exercised in broker business export free home resource trades transfer of these goods. General consents are usually not available for the export of goods on these lists. Brokering involves negotiating or arranging a transaction that takes place fully outside New Zealand, that involves the supply of Strategic Goods in exchange for some form of benefit, whether financial or otherwise.

The Treaty recognises that brokers are often used to facilitate legitimate arms deals, but that unregulated brokering can assist the illicit movement of arms and military equipment to illegitimate users or destinations, including countries under UN arms embargo and conflict zones. To inhibit such illicit movement, the treaty requires parties to take measures to regulate the brokering of arms. More information about the Arms Trade Treaty and its requirements external link.

To register, you must supply your name and contact details. MFAT would also welcome any information you can give us about previous or broker business export free home resource trades brokering activities you are or have been involved in.

If you register you will be kept informed of how brokering controls develop in New Zealand.

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