Understanding and Using Packages on DB2 UDB

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Send feedback about this topic. DB2 Compiler Directive Options. BIND Specifies the name of the bind file to be created. When BIND is specified without a parameter, the bind file defaults to the program name with the filename extension replaced by. BND, and is created in the current source directory. CASE Specifies the case of the bind statement in db2 name.

The DRDA server will use a system defined default value if this option is not specified. If this is not specified, the authorization identifier for the user processing the package is used. The filename of the file that is created is sqltrace.

DB Specifies the name of the database that the program accesses. DEC Specifies the maximum precision to be used in decimal arithmetic operations. SQL errors are returned if the package does not refer to a federated view or nickname and this option is specified, or if bind statement in db2 package does refer bind statement in db2 a federated view or nickname and the option is not specified.

DEF is a date and time format associated with the country code of the database. If this option is not specified, the default function path is: Each option must be separated by one or more spaces and enclosed in double quotes. The flag is updated when the SQL environment is initialized. Any nested program encountered before the program-id is ignored and no DB2 interface code is generated.

This option is disabled if it is used within an OO program. The consistency token is any alphanumeric value up to 8 characters in length. The RDB package consistency token verifies that the requester's application and the relational database package are synchronized.

The owner must have the privileges required to execute the SQL statements in the package. PASS Specifies the userid and password to connect to the database with. Specify NOPRE if creating an executable or shared object file; otherwise, you may have link problems. Bind statement in db2 more information see the section Stand-alone DB2 Applications.

This ensures problems caused by qualification where two or more host variables have identical names when not qualified are avoided bind statement in db2 has the side-effect that: The default is the owner's authorization ID.

The default value is 5. REOPT Specifies whether bind statement in db2 not to have DB2 optimize an access path using values for host variables, parameter markers, global variables, and special registers. The version identifier specifies which version of the package is to bind statement in db2 replaced. Maximum length is characters. TEXT The description of a package. The default value is blanks. This is a SQL identifier up to 18 characters in length.

The package owner authorization ID is used for validity checking.

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