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50: A person with a very weak strength of preference will act similarly to someone flipping a fair coin. If the noise is almost negligible, then choice behavior becomes nearly deterministic.

While the Descriptive Analysis and Semi-quantitative Analysis in Table 2 resemble the patient who asks a lay person for diagnostic help, possibly supplemented with a simple quantitative measurement of body temperature, the alternative route of tremble and, especially econometric, models resembles the patient seeking diagnostics from the radiologist, with different models corresponding to different specialized, and often highly technical, medical diagnostics.

Just like different medical diagnostic methods vary dramatically in the skill set they require and in the assumptions they make about the likely state of health, so do different ways to test theories of decision making vary in the mathematical and statistical skill set they demand of the scientist, and in the technical convenience assumptions they make for mathematical and computational tractability.

The questions and puzzles we just discussed illustrate a notorious challenge to meaningful testing of decision 65244 binary options omni 11 binary options download yahoo mail (e.

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